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Flight - St Silas Recital

Eastern Curlew Angela Rossen Acrylic on Board.jpg

Anglican Parish of the Parks, St Silas Church - 99 Bridport St. Albert Park

A recital curated by Thea Rossen

Spiegel im Spiegel - Arvo Part - Arr. Thea Rossen for vibraphone crotales, viola and double bass
Wind Farm Music Dedicated to Tony Abbott - Lyle Chan
Four Pieces for Percussion Ondes Martenot and Strings - Jared Yapp**
Masks for Ondes Martenot, Percussion and Electronics - Jacob Abela**
Mourning Dove Sonnet - Christopher Deane

With Conductor Patrick Burns and Katie Yap, Tom Higham, Julia Hastings, Rollin Zhao, Lucy Price, Jacob Abela, Tiffany Cheng, Jonathon Coco, Kaylie Melville, Isabel Hede, Beatrix Steward, Iona Allen, Karla Hanna, Chris Bainbridge, Sam Payne, Jovan Pantelich, Anthony Chataway, Thea Rossen.

** World Premiere - Commissioned by Thea Rossen


Later Event: November 5
Water Recital